New Double Fine project to be “old school” 2D

Double Fine’s forthcoming Kickstarter funded project will be a 2D title, according to the game’s co-creators.

Studio Boss Tim Schafer sat down with Ron Gilbert to talk about the upcoming title in a Q&A video posted on the game’s Kickstarter page.

Schafer spoke of his love for 2D graphics stating; “One of the things I missed about the 2D graphic adventures is that you would be able to have a great artist expressing themselves directly on the screen; not having to go through 3D shaders or any other complicated technology that might change or alter their vision.

“So I do like the idea of hand-painted backgrounds. Then it’s just a question of whether the characters should also be hand painted and animated.”

Gilbert agreed saying that “I just think it’s a lot more interesting than 3D. 3D does buy you a lot but for a project like this, just doing something that really emphasises the art of the artist – I think 2D would really give us that.”

Double Fine also posted an updated list of rewards on their Kickstarter page for people who contribute to the project.

-$30 will secure a digital soundtrack of the game and documentary series.
-$60 will get you a digital copy of the games art book, whilst $500 will get you a physical hardback copy of the game’s art.
– $100 will grant a boxed copy of the game along with a DVD or Blu-Ray of the video series.

As of right now Double Fine has raised $2,181,030, well over their original $400,000 target and with 17 days left to contribute that number is sure to rise.

You can watch the full video with Schafer and Gilbert here.