New Medal of Honor deets are in; co-op, use of Frostbite 2 confirmed

A number of new details on this year’s Medal of Honor, recently revealed to be called Medal of Honor: Warfighter, have been revealed via the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine. We’ll go with a handy list for this one:

  • As rumored, the shooter will make use of DICE’s Frostbite 2, the same tech powering the studio’s own Battlefield 3.
  • Characters from the 2010 game will make a return while more than 24 actual Tier 1 operators are involved in development. The first game apparently went over well in those circles.
  • The multiplayer will include different factions (British, Australia, German, Polish) as well as a ‘one shot, one kill’ hardcore mode.
  • A cooperative mode of some sort will be included, though it won’t be campaign co-op.
  • Don’t expect things like the Eiffel towel collapse seen in Modern Warfare 3. The game will go for a different tone as did its predecessor.

That’s all she wrote for now. We’re still waiting for the first proper assets to escape EA’s clutches.

Warfighter will ship this October.