The Witness a “much longer” game than planned

Braid creator Jonathan Blow’s next, The Witness, could well end up being a far lengthier game than initially planned, the man’s said in an update on his blog. Instead of the planned 10-15-hour offering, the game as it stands now is “much longer.”

Just how much gameplay we can expect was not specified but, during a recent play test, it’s said to have taken 9.5 hours to get through just two of the game’s areas. In Blow’s own words: “I haven’t done a playtest of The Witness for a while, but I was still thinking of it as a 10-15 hour game, and that’s what I tell people when they ask. But if these two areas by themselves, even after being cleaned up, are 6-7 hours of playtime, that means the whole game is … … much longer. Sometime in a month or two, I’ll do some playtests with people who have never seen the game before, and we’ll see how long it really is.”

Hopefully you like puzzles in your long games, too; there are currently 440 of them in the game.