Ex-DJ Hero, Geometry Wars, Chime devs form studio

Supergroups usually belong to the music industry – The Dirty Mac, Them Crooked Vultures, these sorts of things. Fitting, then, that when a game development supergroup forms, that it too is based around the music genre.

That studio is Echo Peak, made up of from staff that previously worked on titles like DJ Hero, Chime and Geometry Wars. It was founded by Chime director Ciaran Walsh and creative director Ste Curran, in partnership with ex-Zoe Mode boss Ed Daly. Its aim is to create games in conjunction with major talent in the music industry. Hey, didn’t Paul McCartney just say he was doing something like that?

Echo Peak will work on both consoles and digital platforms (read: smartphones). The team are reportedly collaborating with “a major global music star” for their first title.

“We are passionate about working with talent outside our industry in ways that are smarter, more interesting and more audience-focused than just plugging songs into well-worn templates”, Walsh explained.

“Our experience in music games led us to this point, and music seems a natural place to start – bringing these two worlds closer makes so much sense – which is why we’re working with leading artists and labels to develop a number of concepts.”

What the studio will come up with for its first game? We don’t know, but we’re excited.