Lionhead working on next-gen hardware, job ad suggests

Already rumored to do so, some proof of Fable house Lionhead gearing up for the next generation Microsoft hardware may have surfaced.

A job listing (via) calling for “a highly skilled and experienced Lead Engine Programmer to be a key contributor on an unannounced title” is where the clue lies. Looking deeper, the ad seeks experience in “modern rendering engines (DX11).” Jackpot; the 360 doesn’t use DX11.

The listing also demands familiarity with “real-time lighting techniques such as real-time global illumination and deferred rendering pipelines,” as well as Direct3D 11, OpenGL 4.x and the Unreal Engine.

It further reads: “Ability to write large new engine systems as well as maintain and restructure existing ones.”

We seem to be on the threshold where such news pieces become common then. Bethesda announced just yesterday that it’s hiring for a next-gen console project, while Epic Games also yesterday said they’ll be showing off, though behind closed doors, their new Unreal Engine 4.