Apple acquires Chomp, App Store search to be revamped

Chomp has reportedly been bought by Apple using an undisclosed sum of money from the company’s $100 billion, give or take.

While the purchase itself is justifiably righteous given how hard it is to find, let alone discover that special app you might be looking for among the 500k+ currently live on the App Store, the app search and discovery platform Chomp is not only an iOS and Android friendly tech, but even has a deal with Verizon to power all of its Android-based searches.

You do see awkwardness of it, don’t you?

Whatever happens with that deal remains unknown for now, but according to another report, Apple’s not wasting any time getting the people and tech into Apple HQ. Sources say that Chomp CEO Ben Keighran and CTO Cathy Edwards have already made the move to the Cupertino-based giant; Keighran has joined the iTunes marketing team while Edwards has been titled senior iTunes engineer.

So, what does this all mean and why are we talking about it? The App Store search system is getting completely revamped, and with the acquisition and implementation of Chomp, apps will be easier to find and discover, hopefully meaning that the little guy will have an easier time breaking into the big leagues and making a name for himself. And this of course includes games, which is why I’m excited about this happening sooner rather than later.