Critical Mass planning Boondock Saints game

For its first crack at full fledged game development, Critical Mass Interactive has acquired the necessary licensing to make a Boondocks Saints videogame.

Although Critical Mass has helped out with artwork for Epic Mickey and with programming on Rift, they haven’t endeavored on making their own major project until now. Instead of creating an original IP, the choice to go with something with a following such as Boondocks Saints will automatically create interest in the game.

The movie The Boondocks Saints features a pair of Irish brothers, played by Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus, who resort to hardcore violence in order to track down a bad guy in Boston. Yeah, it came out in 1999, but every action movie that comes out nowadays is immediately snatched up by Activision or EA, so Critical Mass had to get creative.

We imagine the game will be either an FPS or something out of the Grand Theft Auto playbook.