Jet Set Radio HD confirmed for this summer

Sega has confirmed our suspicions: Jet Set Radio is back.

The company has officially announced that the classic Dreamcast game, originally released in 2000, will be getting the HD remake treatment as a downloadable title for XBLA, PSN, and PC this summer.

If you’re like me and, sadly, haven’t played the original title, Sega has let us know that Jet Set Radio puts players in control of Beat, leader of the “up-and-coming street gang” known as the GGs, who collectively “fight for the right to self-expression against an overbearing, corporate-controlled police force” in the futuristic city of Tokyo-to. Expect to be tagging city streets and buildings with graffiti in an effort to stick it to the Man, because, as we all know, nothing pisses the Man off quite like rebellious street art.

Have a look at all of the first shots in the gallery here.

Every time we look at our favourite SEGA classics, the fans never fail to ask about Jet Set Radio,” said SVP of Digital Business at Sega of America Haruki Satomi. “The game was unlike anything else when it first came out, and was one of the first games in history to use cel-shading. More importantly, Jet Set Radio is a game that celebrates self-expression, and we’re looking forward to seeing how gamers and artists come together to leave their mark on Tokyo-to.

In addition to this classic game revival goodness, Sega has announced an upcoming contest where entrants will have a chance to design digital art pieces, the top eighteen of which will be chosen to be included in the game itself. For more on this graffiti contest, check out Sega’s own description here.