New Mario Party 9 trailer shows series changes

A new trailer for Mario Party 9 has been released, revealing more of the changes that the series has made.

The trailer depicts a Super Mario Galaxy-style story, with series antagonist Bowser using a powerful vacuum to suck up all of the stars in the sky, leaving Mario and friends to save the day.

Mario Party 9, notably, will be the first title in the series that will not be co-developed by Hudson Soft, with Nintendo preferring to work with Nd Cube, the developers of Wii Party. This change in co-developer has lent itself to a few changes in-game too, with a boss feature and new movement system on display.

The trailer shows all four players on the game board move together as one, as opposed to the usual scattered board-game approach, while all four players will also be able to battle giant bosses together, such as Wiggler and Blooper.

The clip also shows Mario and co traveling through forest and water-themed boards.

Mario Party 9, as revealed earlier today, will not be sold by UK retailer GAME. It will be released on March 2nd in Europe, March 11th in North America, and Japanese gamers should expect to play in April.