OnLive announces Indie Showcase, play games for free

On-demand, cloud gaming service OnLive has announced that as a sponsor of the Independent Games Festival (IGF), all of the 16 nominees and honorable mentions will be free to play during a two-week Indie Showcase incentive, through March 11th, for “players everywhere”… in the US and UK.

In addition, OnLive will be placing previously honored IGF games on sale of 75% off, free instant demos available for all included, by the time the Game Developers Conference (GDC) opens up on March 5th.

“Our mission has always been to give innovative indie titles the exposure and recognition they deserve,” said GDC director Meggan Scavio. “By partnering with OnLive and leveraging their cloud-gaming technology, we can take that exposure even further by putting these incredible indie titles in the hands of users across the US and UK.”

The games? The list:

Atom Zombie Smasher – Blendo Games
Be Good – DigiPen Institute of Technology
Botanicula – Amanita Design
Dear Esther – The Chinese Room
Dustforce – Hitbox Team
English Country Tune – Stephen Lavelle
Frozen Synapse – Mode 7 Games
FTL – Justin Ma and Matthew Davis
Lume – State of Play Games
Nitronic Rush – DigiPen Institute of Technology
Once Upon a Spacetime – RMIT
POP – Rob Lach
SpaceChem – Zachtronics Industries
To the Moon – Freebird Games
Toren – Swordtales
WAY – CoCo & Co.

What’s the catch? Why would you assume there’s… well, actually, there is. Players can “test-drive” each of the aforementioned games free for 30 minutes. The upside, as usual, is that any of these can be played on nearly any device, be it low- or high-end PCs or Macs, TVs or mobile devices, and neither discs nor downloads are necessary, just an OnLive account and an internet connection.

It’s nice to see appreciation for indie games, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s nice…