EA-GAME situation is ‘temporary’

This week saw Game Group’s biggest blow yet in its financial fallout as EA announced a range of titles, including Mass Effect 3, would not be available at the retailer come launch.

But this situation is merely temporary, the company has assured. A statement issued by the company (via MCV) reads: “It is always a matter of regret when customers are inconvenienced, and both the Group and EA are committed to ensuring that this situation does not occur again.

“As part of the strategic plan development process which it announced on February 3rd, the Group has been working closely with its suppliers, as well as other stakeholders. In particular, the Group has been discussing with its suppliers the level of support and engagement it needs from them over the coming months.

“There have, during that process, been isolated instances where it has not been possible to agree launch plans for individual game titles.”

Game Group CEO Ian Shepherd is confident that the retailer will pull through this difficulty period, however. He wrote on Twitter: “Well, a tough day for colleagues and customers, after an excellent Vita launch performance last week – certainly ups and downs at the moment.

“A lot of feedback, both anger and support – understandable. No-one wins from this, but I’m sure that as an industry we will pull through.”