GAME partners ‘positive’ following retail summit

Despite taking hits to its stock seemingly every day as of late, UK retailer GAME has apparently got publishers back on its side at a recent retail summit, MCV reports.

The event, which is held under a non-disclosure agreement, played host to a speech by company CEO Ian Shepherd in which the boss outlined how the retailer would survive with suppliers’ help. The end result was reportedly very positive, with 100 execs now reassured in the company’s chances.

One exec noted: “It’s important that GAME survives and I’m positive we can move forward together and make money from each other. GAME is not dead and won’t be if we all muck in.”

However others weren’t as easily convinced, “We all want to support GAME,” said another firm. “But I’m not convinced the plan goes far enough. Some suppliers can’t be as flexible as GAME wants if they are governed by Japan or the US head offices.”