Colonial Marines to clear up Aliens trilogy questions

Clearly, Aliens: Colonial Marines is more than just a loose franchise tie-in. Developer Gearbox has made that much clear through trailers with constant nods to the films. But it sounds like the game will be essential to franchise fans too, by shedding some light on some of the original trilogy’s more ambiguous moments.

Speaking to OPM, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford revealed intentions to explore the franchise lore.

“I think the most gratifying, if impossible, result that we could strive for would be to come out on the other end with an Alien game that fans of the series love, that video gamers love, that Ridley Scott respects and that James Cameron and David Fincher also respect along with anyone who has ever had a major part to play in the creation of any of the films,” he said.

After reassuring fans that the new xenomorph types that the game will introduce have all been approved by 20th Century Fox, Pitchford added: “Some of the work we have done actually helps to make better sense of some things from the film that were ambiguous. Some of the work we have done has allowed for the introduction of new elements that add more depth or width to the franchise. It’s been extremely rewarding to be a part of it.”

Will we finally find out if Han shot first?

Wait… wait, wrong franchise. Colonial Marines heads to PS3, 360 and PC this fall.