Nintendo the victor in patent suit

Nintendo’s legal team prevailed again today, as a Maryland U.S. District Court judge dismissed a patent infringement lawsuit against the gaming giant.

We’ll spare you all the legal mumbo jumbo, but just know that fitness company IA Labs sued Nintendo back in 2010, arguing that the technology used in products such as the Wii Balance Board, Wii Remote, Wii Wheel, and the like infringed on two separate versions of their patents. Today, however, it was ruled that no jury trial is necessary for the case.

This kind of infringement lawsuit is nothing new for the Big N. Last year, for example, the company was accused of patent infringement for the display technology used in the 3DS. Today’s victory marks the third time the company has won a patent litigation case in this year alone.

Nintendo of America’s SVP of Legal and General Counsel Rick Flamm was adamant in defense of his company, stating: “Nintendo has a passionate tradition of developing innovative products while respecting the intellectual property rights of others. We vigorously defend patent lawsuits when we firmly believe that we have not infringed another party’s patent. We refuse to succumb to patent trolls.”