THQ looking to ‘Evolve’

At this point, it’s not exactly a surprise that THQ has been having a rough go of it recently. From massive layoffs and CEO pay cuts, to abnormally low shares and forced closings of a multitude of their studios, things have not been easy for the Saints Row and Homefront publisher.

However, today brings some news that actually isn’t horrible for the company. Gamespot is reporting that THQ has filed a trademark application for “Evolve” with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. The classification for the trademark doesn’t lend itself to any specifics, ranging from “video game software” to “providing entertainment services, in the nature of a site featuring entertainment information,” so it’s unclear what exactly THQ has up their sleeve.

And that’s all we know for now. “Sorry, no, we don’t comment on filings,” a THQ representative told Gamespot.

So let’s make some fun out of this, shall we? Personally, I’m hoping for a hybrid third-person action-RPG/kart racer where you play as a vengeful Charles Darwin on a mission to disprove all creationists…by any means necessary. Anything less than that and I’m going to be sorely disappointed.