Fable Heroes rumored for XBLA

Microsoft will soon announce Fable Heroes for Xbox Live Arcade, rumor has it; news that comes from Microsoft’s recent Spring Showcase 2012.

A piece about the event on Gamasutra has apparently gone through an edit, with a NeoGAF member having caught and posted the original in full. In part, it reads: “[Steve Beinner, Microsoft’s director of global marketing] spoke to Gamasutra at Microsoft’s Spring Showcase 2012 event in San Francisco, where the company showcased titles such as Halo 4, Fable: Heroes for Xbox Live Arcade, and third party titles such as EA/BioWare’s Mass Effect 3.”

The current piece makes no mention of Heroes.

Another Fable game, the Kinect-enabled Fable: The Journey (pictured) — announced at E3 last year — is yet to see release, though it’s expected to launch sometime in 2012. Could Heroes be the same game, simply rebranded?

Last we heard of The Journey was back in August of 2011, when creator Peter Molyneux explained why the game won’t have melee combat.

Fable IV has also been rumored.

The Spring Showcase also brought potential news of an open-world Forza title.