Brutal Legend 2? Schafer wants it

Brutal Legend can be considered Double Fine’s last AAA hardcore game. Since its release in 2009 the studio has only had one other disc-based title, the child-friendly Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, and the rest of its titles have been digital.

It’s surprising, then, to hear that the studio wants to make a sequel to the action game, and a “BIG” one at that.

Over this past weekend, dev boss Tim Schafer answered fan questions through Reddit (via). When one fan asked if Schafer and co would consider a sequel to the game, he replied: “I would love to make a BL sequel too some day. I’m not sure if I could use Kickstarter for that though. BL2 feels like it really should be a BIG game, like >$20MM, and that’s too big for… wait a second… this sounds familiar.

“Hey, this is exactly what I said about Kickstarter the first time. I was surprised then, so you never know!”

A return to the franchise and to AAA games would be welcome by plenty of people. Perhaps once the team’s cleared up the myriad of other projects they have going on right now, we’ll see something concrete.