Stellar Dawn put on hold

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Stellar Dawn, the next game from RuneScape developer Jagex. Unfortunately, now it would appear things are going to stay that way, as Jagex has officially suspended development on the MMO.

The postponement was announced in a post on the official Jagex forums, as the indie developer will put more focus on RuneScape and the upcoming Transformers Universe MMO. Jagex has managed to relocate the majority of the Stellar Dawn team, but the decision has resulted in the loss of a dozen jobs.

“Jagex has always been committed to developing the highest quality games and services,” said Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard. “This is not a decision we have taken lightly; the Stellar Dawn team has achieved a great deal developing the game and should rightly be proud of their achievements so far.”

Now, this doesn’t mean the game has been outright cancelled, as the post does note that Jagex “will review the status of the Stellar Dawn project in the future so long as an appetite for the game remains.” In the meantime, though, we’ll just have chalk this one up as a temporary “R.I.P.” Pay your respects accordingly.