Street Fighter X Tekken’s Vita-exclusive content found on 360 disc

Controversy aplenty at Capcom camp today as Street Fighter X Tekken fans with an early copy of the 360 version of the game have discovered Vita-exclusive content on the disc.

Last month the publisher announced that Blanka, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Alisa, Lars, Jack, Bryan, Lei and Christie would all be available in the Vita version of the game. But one fan over at Event Hubs has found the endings for all of the characters, including the PlayStation-exclusive Mega Man and Pacman, buried on the 360 disc. The prologues for each character are there too.

This would seem to suggest that the Vita characters will come to both PS3 and 360 and the PS-exclusive characters will show up on 360 too. Except for Cole from Infamous, of course, who was confirmed as the first exclusive character last E3.

SFxT touches down this week.