2K Czech working on GTA V and Mafia III?

2K Czech are working on Grand Theft Auto V, VG247 reports.

The developer of Mafia II has apparently been working on the title for approximately a year, with Rockstar, the developers of GTA, in turn helping in the development of Mafia III.

2K Czech are assisting Rockstar with their experience in cutscenes, while also contributing to elements of gameplay, while Rockstar will help the inconsistent Mafia series become a major franchise.

While it is understood that both titles are under development, release information for both Grand Theft Auto V and Mafia III has not been announced. However, GTA V is expected to follow the multi-platform approach of its predecessors, while 2K Czech were allegedly present at the supposed ‘Durango’ summit in London last month, hinting a release on the next-gen Xbox.

When approached, 2K Czech declined to comment.