Sword and Sworcery EP sells 350k

iOS title Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, the horribly-named, GDC award nominated, little indie game that could, has moved 350,000 units, Capybara Games president Nathan Vella revealed yesterday.

Speaking at a presentation at the GDC in San Francisco, Vella attributed much of the game’s success to their decision to purposefully not tailor the game for mainstream audiences.

“Everyone isn’t a demographic,” said Vella. “Target a niche due to iOS scale, niches can be huge.”

Oddly enough, the artsy critical darling only made 10% of its sales at a discount price, suggesting that the vast majority of the game’s audience was willing to pay full price for the experience. Vella also noted that the iPad edition of the game brought in over 65% of all sales, along with 75% of total revenue.

While I imagine many of you lovely readers out there may not have even heard of Sworcery, it’s always pleasing to see a game that dares to be different truly succeed, wouldn’t you agree?