Amalur RPG provides taste of Amalur MMO

To call Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning small would be somewhat of a gigantic understatement, but we imagine that’s all you can call it in comparison to the upcoming MMO set in the same world, currently titled Project Copernicus.

In fact, Big Huge Games GM Sean Dunn has suggested that last month’s release provides just a taste of what fans can expect from the MMO.

“All of the fiction that we pull for Reckoning comes from the intellectual property’s kind of library of information – you know, the giant R.A. Salvatore bible of story,” Dunn told Joystiq.

Dunn stressed, however, that any future additions to the franchise have to be compatible with the universe.

“…and it has to be really high quality and it has to be really meaningful for the fans,” he said.

It’s a safe bet than an Amalur MMO is a good few years out yet. We’re likely to see more sequels to the RPG before then, too.