EA announces three new expansion packs for Battlefield 3

Modern Warfare 3 might have revealed a sweep of DLC drops for the rest of 2012, but that doesn’t mean that EA’s Battlefield 3 is done offering its own sweep of content for the rest of the year.

As such, the company has announced three new expansion packs for DICE’s shooter, set to last throughout the year. Rather than just a drop of maps and modes of all shapes and sizes, each pack will have a theme. For example, the first due out in June, titled Close Quaters, will drop vehicles in favor of tight maps with¬†destructible¬†environments and new weapons.

After that there’s Armored Kill in the fall, which focuses on vehicular combat. Included are new tanks, ATVs, artillery and more, complete with gigantic maps, one of which is said to be the biggest in Battlefield history.

The final pack is called End Game, but EA is keeping this one under wraps.

The game’s first DLC, Back to Karkland, was released last year.