Google announces Google Play

Google has announced Google Play, a service which combines its Android Market, Google Music and Google eBookstore services.

In a similar move to combining its search engine with its social networking site, Google+, Google Play will allow users to access all of Google’s entertainment content using one log-in. Users will have access to games, music, apps, movies and e-books, while they will be able to take advantage of a cloud service, which claims to be able to hold up to 20,000 songs per user for free.

Users in different countries will have access to different amounts of content, with the US having access to all the above, while the UK, Australia and Japan will only have access to certain types of media. In countries other than that, Google Play will function as an upgraded Android Market.

To celebrate the launch of Google Play, Google will be having a “7 Days To Play” sale, which will feature a different Android app, eBook, album and video rental every day.

To learn more, Google is inviting users to their page, which you can find here.