Mass Effect iPad has some mighty expensive in-app purchases

Now that Mass Effect: Infiltrator has released for iOS, EA has revealed some pretty pricey in-game purchases for the title, though they’re all merely time-saving options.

For the sum of $49.99/£34.99 the CEO pack can be purchased. That unlocks some 200,000 in-game credits to buy weapons and armor with. Then there’s the Doctor’s Pack (75,000 credits), Engineer’s Pack (55,000 credits), Soldier’s Pack (35,000 credits), Clerk’s Pack (15,000 credits) and the Janitor’s Pack (2500 credits), all at varying price points.

Credits can be earned in-game so it’s not like any of these packs are needed. Still, isn’t the very idea of offering $49.99 worth of credits to save time a bit much?