No sequel or DLC for Journey

Despite a hugely popular reaction from critics last week, thatgamecompany’s Journey will not be getting a sequel, the developer has stated.

In an interview with VG247, Jenova Chen revealed that no DLC will be released either.

“Our focus is to make a strong, immersive experience that’s entertaining and relevant to people – and to deliver it in the most efficient time-saving way [possible],” Chen said. “I mean, we don’t want to keep the player for two hours longer by adding a bunch of grinding, which does not produce anything.

“I mean, you can play those free-to-play games for days and months, but if you’re spending money on something, that thing has to be strong and efficient. That’s our approach. It’s like, I was asking myself ‘OK, what am I going to add to levels?'”

“More costumes?” Production lead Robin Hunicke added. “Hats? Like, what would you add that would change or embellish the experience – make it more personal or meaningful? Those are the kinds of questions we ask.”

“We spent three years on this thing,” Chen continued. “If we’d spent one year, then sure, if we want to add something, we could do it with a patch. But after three years of pick and choose, I think it’s pretty perfect. Adding things is very difficult.”

On the subject of a sequel, Chen said: “So far, we’ve been [making radically different games each time]. It’s about pushing the boundary of what games can communicate. And I can hardly imagine how Journey 2 would break new ground.”

“Yeah, it seems like it’s best to leave [the game’s world] the way it is for the reasons that we made it,” added Hunicke.

While Journey sounds amazing, then, it doesn’t really seem like a game opening to franchising. A pat on the back to thatgamecompany, for continuing to push boundaries instead of reiterating them.