SimCity is back, EA declares; first trailer, images

SimCity is making a comeback. Once more developed by Maxis, the new title doesn’t carry a number or subtitle, and is scheduled for release next year.

According to Lucy Bradshaw, senior Vice President of EA’s Maxis Label, the series is being “reimagined for an entirely new generation of players.” That includes “next generation accessibility” as well as “a robust multiplayer mode.”

Only a PC version is announced right now, but a quote from Bradshaw may hold a hint: “We are dedicated to making sure the experience – no matter the platform – has the fun, flavour and playability that has been intrinsic to the franchise since its birth.”

The trailer, official word on gameplay deets and two pieces of concept art below will give a glimpse into what to expect:

“With its return in 2013, SimCity will engage an entirely new generation of PC gamers as they take charge of their own customized cities and build a world that co-exists alongside friends. For the first time in SimCity franchise history, players’ decisions will have long-lasting repercussions that will extend beyond their city limits. Together, players will address real global challenges such as climate change, the search for renewable resources and natural disasters. It’s up to the players to decide whether to compete or collaborate to shape the world of tomorrow — for better or for worse.

“Powered by the GlassBox Engine, Maxis’ proprietary engine, the simulation comes to life in a way never before possible. Everything you see in the world we sim – Sims in each city will have jobs or can lose them, buy homes, be prosperous or be an economic drain on the city. SimCity is the city builder in which every choice powers real change that affects the character of your city, the state of your region and fellow players within the entire SimCity world. Original fans and newcomers alike will relish the opportunity to build visually and functionally unique cities that take on the character of their choices. Combining fun, addictive gameplay elements with an interface that encourages anyone to jump in and begin playing, SimCity will usher forth a new era of city-building simulation as players work to change a world together.”