Yakuza Kizuna coming to mobile devices this month

Sega has announced that Yakuza Kizuna, their new title for the GREE gaming platform, will be coming to iPhone and Android devices in just a couple weeks, on March 26th.

For the uninitiated, Yakuza Kizuna is a card battler loosely connected to the rest of the wacky Yakuza franchise, which, like those home console titles, takes place in Kamurocho, Japan. Expect to be building up your collection of cards while battling a multitude of powerful foes along the way. If the core games in the series are any indication, I’d expect to see some very weird, very Japanese stuff in the process.

Basic play for the game, as with all GREE titles, will be free.

For some new screens of Yakuza Kizuna, check Andriasang here.