Killzone devs at work on three games

It’s been all quite on the development front from Guerrilla Games ever since the release of last year’s PS3 blockbuster, Killzone 3. It’s assumed that the team is hard at work on the next iteration of the franchise, but it’s been revealed at GDC this week that they’re developing more than just that.

As IGN reports, a new Killzone game is currently in development for the PS Vita, which is being made by Sony Cambridge in conjunction with Guerrilla.¬†Guerrilla’s Studio Art Director Jan-Bart van Beek also revealed that the team is currently working on more Killzone content for PS3, though it’s unclear as to if this is Killzone 4 or more DLC for Killzone 3. One thing to note is that this is a PS3 project, meaning it PS4 development currently isn’t on the cards.

Most interesting is the third project, a new IP. As van Beek, the developers all pitched in certain ideas for a new game, which were eventually nailed down to four different themes/inspirations: zombies, werewolves, steampunk and Ghost in the Shell.

Some might roll their eyes at some of those suggestions, but van Beek did reveal some interesting ideas for the steampunk theme, which sadly won’t end up being the new game. Dark Science was the game’s name, and it was set in a retro-futuristic 70’s with main character Jake Crowbar playing a Ditry Harry-type roll.

It sounds radically different to anything the developer’s attempted before, which makes it all the more exciting to see what they did decide upon.