Sorcery spell-casting this May; new screens

It’s been nearly two years since Sony first unveiled one of their original PS Move exclusives, Sorcery. News on the title had been virtually dormant up until last December (as we learned the developers were busy reworking the original vision of the game), when a trailer announced that the title would be hitting store shelves this spring. Now, Sony’s PlayStation Blog is reporting that the game has finally gotten a set release date in May 22, 2012.

Brian Upton, the game’s creative director, tells us that Sorcery will put players in the shoes of Finn, an apprentice magician who clumsily unleashes “an ancient universe-destroying evil that won’t stop until everything he cares about is utterly annihilated.” Whoops. Now, Finn must make things right again, venture into the “realm of faerie,” and defeat the dastardly Nightmare Queen before she destroys everything in her path. Sounds simple enough.

With Sony not showing the Move that much love recently, this is certainly a welcome bit of news for all of those Move owners who just want to dust off their motion controllers already.

A number of new screens accompany the announcement. Catch those in the gallery: