Uncharted 3 reveals its new co-op mode

Still playing Uncharted 3? Well there’s an enticing new co-op mode on the way for you next week.

Today the PlayStation Blog revealed the Shade Survival co-op mode for the game. It works much like the already-available survival mode, only the enemies fought here are the Djinn, soldiers with the ability to teleport. Cash will be earned much faster in this mode given the added difficulty, making it the ideal spot to do a bit of ranking up. New medals will also be added.

That’s what’s to come on March 13 for $5.99 (or free if you’re already a member of the Fortune Hunter’s Club), but Naughty Dog are promising more for April, too. No details yet, but it will be the last piece of DLC seen for Uncharted 3. Sad times; we’re awful fond of you, Drake’s Deception.