Warface beta sign-ups now live

Warface.com, the official website for Crytek’s upcoming debut foray into the F2P market, Warface, is now live and offering closed beta sign-ups for players who’d like an early piece of the action. There aren’t too many details to give about the beta at the moment, as no set date has been announced for it yet, but players can choose their own personal Warface IDs upon signing up.

A new trailer describing the various classes in the game has gone up along with the site as well. The classes are about exactly what you’d expect from a wartime shooter, with snipers, engineers, medics, and riflemen all doing their respective things.

The free online FPS service will be powered by CryENGINE3, and, as we learned a couple weeks back, will be published by Nexon in South-Korea and Taiwan. For more on Warface, check out its Gamescom trailer from last year, some early (and I stress early) gameplay footage, and some screenshots from earlier this year.