Art In Games: Mass Effect

The choice to go with Mass Effect for this week’s AIG feature wasn’t always the obvious one, or easy. Predictable? Yes. Obvious? No. Why? Because despite the magnitude of BioWare’s franchise, there’s surprisingly — and depressingly so — little to behold out there from the artists involved in creating, crafting and shaping this beautiful universe full of different species going at each other — in more ways than one — as if there was no tomorrow. Maybe there won’t be… but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing at all, that much you can gather from looking at the gallery below.

Fan or not, Mass Effect is in a league of its own. It needs no introduction but, even if it did, nothing I could come up with would ever make the franchise justice. The fact is, if you want to appreciate it, you have to play it; you can’t have anyone else tell you about it or draw you a picture of it, and even though concept artists involved in the franchise like Fran Gaulin, Sung Kim, Matthew Rhodes, Ben Huen, Mikko Kinnunen and Brian Sum gave it a shot, I’m not quite sure it was enough.

Enjoy, and let’s all have a shoulder massage… of death.