BioShock Vita is a show, not tell affair

BioShock Infinite is sure to keep any franchise fan happy for quite some time, but we’re also excited about the BioShock game Ken Levine announced for the PS Vita at E3 last year.

If it were up to Levine, though, we wouldn’t even know about that title yet. “Look,” he said to Joystiq when asked about the game, “we’re working on it. We’re trying to figure that [announcement timing] out. I ideally wouldn’t have talked about the Vita game when I did. It was understandably important that, you know, Sony wanted us to share that information.”

“I think it’s important that people know that a lot of big developers are very committed to the Vita and making that successful, but generally I like to go out with something to show. I’d much rather come out with, ‘Hey! Here it is.’ Because what I describe is not really meaningful, it’s what the experience is and what people perceive [from] the experience.”

It sounds like the game’s still very much a work in progress, then. Will we see its debut before the end of the year?