Collectible card game possibly coming to Uncharted: Golden Abyss — rumor

An alleged glitched screenshot from Nathan Drake’s latest adventure, the PS Vita exclusive Uncharted: Golden Abyss, may point to potential downloadable content, and possibly a new multiplayer mode for the title sometime in the future. However, this type of content would be a bit…different for the storied franchise.

In a post on NeoGAF, user jmro has shown us a picture of a possible collectible card game mode of some sort. The card featured depicts various stat numbers, references on what the card’s particular effects are, and a picture of villain General Guerro and his soldiers. As jmro so eloquently put it: “WTF is this? My game just hung on this screen and I can’t get out. Is there a CCG in this game?”

We’re just as unsure as jmro is at the moment, unfortunately, as any details about the validity of this potential mode have not been provided to us just yet. Previous reports have said that Sony Bend was working on multiplayer for Golden Abyss, but that it would be “something different.” This CCG mode would appear to fit that description perfectly. Still though, we’ll have to chalk this one up under “rumor” until further notice.