Heavy Rain dev David Cage talks Kara, Sony exclusivity, and more

In an quick chat with IGN, Quantic Dream founder and developer David Cage dropped a little insight on a variety of topics, including his studio’s jaw-dropping tech demo Kara, revealed earlier this week, their relationship with Sony, the current used games debate, and more.

Cage termed Kara “a gift” to fans, saying it is the result of a brand new engine the studio developed from scratch, and that it represented a desire to “take more risks” and “have more challenges” rather than “milking the cow and making Heavy Rain 2 and Heavy Rain 3 and just making more money.” Cage makes clear to remind us that Kara is still a year-old project, and only represents where Quantic Dream was a year ago with this engine. He says the tech demo was a result of “version one” of the engine, and that now they are working with “version three.”

On Quantic Dream’s currently exclusive partnership with Sony, Cage notes “We work only on Playstation 3.” He says that, while his studio is open to “all options”, such as becoming a first-person studio in the vein of fellow PS3 developers Naughty Dog, they are “not a studio driven by money.”

On the used games dilemma, Cage does feel that “there is something wrong with used games,” saying: “People make money out of our work and this money doesn’t go back to us creating the content or people taking risks — financial risks — to make this happen.”

“I’m not for forbidding used games, I’m just saying there should be a fair trade,” Cage says. “Otherwise what’s going to happen someday is that there won’t be any new games, because there won’t be the economics around it.”

“If you don’t want to end up with only Call of Duty on the shelves—which would probably be enough for many gamers—if you don’t want to end up in the situation where there are only three games on the shelves, and you don’t have any choice anymore just because there is no economics around it…well, I think the industry should think about it.”

Other topics include his belief that there is still “a lot to do with the Playstation 3 hardware” (“We had thought we had done a pretty decent job on Heavy Rain, and we just realized we didn’t do anything with the hardware”), and his constant desire, when developing games, to always find a balance between story and gameplay (“We think it’s of paramount importance, other people don’t give a shit, and that’s fine”).

Cage is not exactly a soft-spoken individual, to be sure. If Kara is any indication of what he and the rest of Quantic Dream’s next title may be like, though, somehow I think not too many people are going to be offended that much by what he says.