Retailer lists new Battlefield, Batman games

Two new titles from two major gaming franchises have been outed by MCV.

The site has gotten hold of the 2012 release list from a major UK High Street Retailer, which makes mention of both Battlefield Evolved and The Dark Knight Rises.

This could well mean that a tie-in to this summer’s Batman film is due, which would be a surprising move given that Warner Bros has already found success with the Rocksteady Batman games. Meanwhile, Battlefield Evolved suggest a new entry in a series that saw its last being release late last year and is meant to be taking a year off to give Medal of Honor: Warfighter some space. One would assume that, if there were to be a new BF game announced soon, it would be the next entry in the Bad Company series.

Given The Dark Knight Rises’ July release in┬átheaters, it seems like it’s cutting it a bit fine to reveal a game tie-in by now. Will anything come of either of these listings?