Sony admits it could have upped its game with Move

Despite revealing shipping figures of 10.5 million at GDC this week, Sony has admitted that it “could have done a better job” with its PlayStation Move motion controller.

Sony UK VP and MD Fergal Gara was quizzed on the state of the move by OPM. He revealed: “What I’m thinking is that it’s better suited towards the casual market, certainly, but we also are pretty clear that we could have done a better job on the titles we’ve had and we’ve brought to market for the PlayStation Move. As you’ve said, great tech, probably not so great applications so far. So there’s a job for us to do on the strength of games, and having seen what’s forthcoming gives me great hope that we can do a better job with Move as we look forward. So we’re certainly not forgetting about it.”

When asked if the Move was still be worked on he replied “Absolutely, still being worked on.”

In May the controller sees its first major release in a while with Sorcery, a game that’s been in development for a long time. Going forward though, apart from Datura, announced this week, we’ve not seen much for the system.