Vita launch met with “overwhelming enthusiasm”, no new sales figures

Sony has claimed that the launch of the PlayStation Vita has been positive, but has not released new sales figures.

“After months of anticipation, the U.S. launch of PlayStation Vita saw overwhelming enthusiasm amongst gamers, resulting in exceptional hardware, software and peripheral sales,” stated Patrick Seybold, Sr. the Director of Corporate Communications at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

As opposed to Nintendo’s stance in announcing their new sales figures, Sony chose to reiterate its units sold figure of 1.2 million since launch, preferring to focus on the positive reaction to the Vita. “Customer satisfaction rates are very high and momentum will continue as gamers get their hands on a deep line-up of blockbuster titles that take advantage of PS Vita’s unique features, including cross-platform play with the PlayStation 3.”

This statement came after NPD’s February 2012 sales report.