Radical provides Prototype 2 pre-order prizes

Whoa, this release just crept up, but sure enough Prototype 2 is hitting April 24. And to get the hype ball rolling, developer Radical Entertainment revealed the pre-order swag that will be awarded to those who commit to a purchase now.

All pre-orders will get the RADNET edition of the game, which comes with some extra in-game content like bonus challenges, events, and an Alex Mercer skin in addition to some avatar items, making-of videos and the like.

Fans who pre-order through Amazon will nab themselves a download code for the first issue of the Prototype comic, “The Anchor,” which chronicles the back story of the first game’s Alex Mercer.

Best Buy pre-orders will come with a steel case and a Hardened Steel Vehicle Armor upgrade. And in an interesting twist, Best Buy will also be hosting a chat with the developers on April 23rd from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Not a bad loot to go with what’s looking like a solid sequel. Here’s looking to next month.