Ubisoft registers Just Dance Propel domain

Having sold over 25 million copies in total, Ubisoft’s Just Dance series has undoubtedly become one of the most recognizable, and bankable, franchises in gaming. Just Dance 3, as we told you a few days back, is still going strong, as it was the 5th highest selling title in the US last month.

Thus, it should surprise no one that Ubisoft has registered a domain for justdancepropel.com, hinting that the inevitable next installment in franchise may be titled, wait for it, Just Dance Propel. The registration was officially made a little over a week ago, back on March 2.

At the moment, going to justdancepropel.com only leads you to a bland-looking page that provides a notification of the domain’s registration.

Ubisoft has not confirmed anything either way yet, so we’re free to speculate for now. Personally, I’m left wondering whether or not the game will have anything to do with Propel, the fitness water. Could we be looking at a possible Kinect feature where players earn bonus points for pouring bottles of water onto themselves while dancing, Flashdance-style? Only time will tell.