$60 games have to go — Nexon

Free-to-play gaming service Nexon has denounced the $60 gaming model, stating that it’s “going to have to change” in the years to come.

Speaking to GamesIndustry, Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim revealed his views on the current state of the industry, and how it’s going to have to change as we face another console transition in the next few years.

He said:¬†“I think at some point the console makers have to make a decision about how closed or open they’re going to be to the different models that are going to be emerging.¬†Today it’s free-to-play, and I’m convinced that that one is going to continue to flourish and expand into other genres and other categories, but there may be something else completely and entirely different that comes out that again changes the industry.

“If your mind is just set on keeping the current model of buy a game for $60, play for 40 hours, buy another game for $60, play for 40 hours, that model I think is eventually going to change. It’s going to have to change. How they will adapt I really don’t know, but I hope that they’re aware enough to understand that the value proposition of free-to-play is not going to go away.”

He went on to discuss the challenges of current business models like Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade: “Dungeon Fighter is being released as a Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade version of the game. But again we had to modify the game and the business model to fit their restrictions or requirements. It’s not free-to-play, it’s DLC essentially,” he said. “Which is not really truly how we like to service our games, we like to service our games completely free-to-play, no limits, and earn the players’ business by convincing them there’s value in purchasing stuff.”

Kim does, however, find the release of titles like the free-to-play Dust 514 on PSN encouraging.

Is the future free-to-play? Or will we be able to meet in the middle with cheaper games?