Epic hopes for new direction for Gears of War

Now that the Gears of War trilogy has been wrapped up, Epic Games is looking to take Marcus and co in a new direction.

Well, the developer’s Cliff Bleszinski does anyway. The design director recently told The Penny Arcade Report (via) of his desire to take any Gears sequels in a more ‘thoughtful’ direction with a focus on exploration.

“If I were to pass Gears off to another studio, and they came back with a pitch of having a double-edged chainsaw, and the characters are more buff, and now you can pull off someone’s head and s*** down their neck, and they had a character that makes Cole look tameā€¦I would look at them and say, ‘No, you’re going in the exact wrong direction,'” he said. “Gears is always some of that, but I would want to further evolve it in more of a Christopher Nolan way.”

Nolan has made a name for himself in recent years with big-budget blockbusters with a lot of heart. Inception and The Dark Knight are the best examples of this. How could a new Gears measure up to these greats? Constantly playing Mad World over the top of the action?