Epic on Unreal engine 4: Samaritan “a piece of crap”

That Samaritan tech demo that Epic showed off last year? Child’s play compared to what Unreal Engine 4 is capable of, the studio says.

The new tech was shown behind closed doors at GDC last week and won’t make a public appearance until later in the year, but apparently it’s quite something.

When asked how it compares to Samaritan, the developer’s VP Mark Rein didn’t hold back.

“If Samaritan looked like a piece of crap, that’s what Unreal Engine 4 would look like,” he told Shacknews.

“Our goal with Samaritan was to show you the future. It came a lot sooner than we expected.”

When first demoed, Samaritan ran on three graphics cards and an overall beefy machine. A year later, it needs but a single GPU.

“We didn’t expect this to come out so soon. If they can do this this year on a single video card, maybe next year on a laptop,” Rein said.

Epic has previously said it wants the new engine ready by the time the next generation of consoles arrive, so chances are we’ll bee seeing just as many UE-powered games on the next Xbox and PlayStation as we do on current machines.