Ninja Gaiden 3, Operation Raccoon City, more skip GAME stocking

Game Group are taking more hits for the rest of March. After publishing giant EA confirmed it would not stock its titles with the UK retailer this month, Capcom pulled both Asura’s Wrath and Street Fighter X Tekken from the store last week too.

Now the Japanese publisher’s other March title, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, won’t be in stores. Not only that, but Tecmo Koei has announced that Ninja Gaiden 3 won’t be stocked either. Both titles are due for release at the end of next week.

Warrior’s Orochi 3 won’t be in stock either, which releases on March 30. Of course, Game Group actually has to last this long for this news to even matter.

On a slightly brighter note, Sony is still showing support for the retailer, as the company’s Twisted Metal will be in stock come release this Friday.

Aside from that, well, there’s not much reason to go to the store if it’s not stocking new games anymore, is there?