Onimusha is back… on browser

The Onimusha series has been MIA since its last PS2 outing, and many hope that its still to make a triumphant return to the current generation of consoles. Well, it is indeed coming back, but not how fans might think.

Capcom has announced Onimusha Soul in Japan. It marks two new directions for the franchise. First is the switch from action game to tactical RPG while the other, its format, is the swap of consoles for browser.

The publisher describes its first-ever browser title as a “Sengoku simulation RPG,” in which players fight for different Feudal lords in Japan. True to the series, this depiction of a popular era of Japanese history will be given a spin with monsters and demons to fight.

Maybe not the return many were hoping for, then, but at least Onimusha isn’t done for good.