Jet Set Radio HD gets new deets

The roar of “wooooows!” when Sega announced Jet Set Radio HD was met with a dimmer “oooooh” when the company also announced that not all of the original music would make it into the game.

But, according to Siliconera, at least 70 percent of the game’s original music will make it into the upcoming edition. That includes tunes┬áB.B. Rights, Guitar Vader, and Hideki Naganuma, and Sega is said to be working on obtaining the rights for what’s missing so far. Good luck to them on securing the rest.

Other details from the site include the fact that Jet Set HD will fill our entire TV screens, as opposed to the windowed port of Sonic Adventure seen last year. Manual camera control with the right stick has been added, but online tag sharing, as seen in the original game, is not included.

The bonus levels previously exclusive to the American version of the game will all also be included.

Expect this XBLA, PSN and PC-bound port to hit this summer.