Looks like Wasteland 2 will be a reality

It’s not quite Double Fine Adventure levels — which raised over $800,000 in a day — but inXile’s Wasteland 2 has Kickstarted itself to the tune of $500,000 in 24 hours.

The developer is asking for a total of $900,000 and with over a month to go, it looks like they’re going to get it. And then some.

If the asked amount is exceeded, the studio has already detailed what the extra money will be used for.

“At $1.25 million, the money will go primarily into making the world bigger, adding more maps, more divergent stories and even more music,” the game’s Kickstarter page reads.

“At $1.5 million, the world gets even bigger. You’ll have more adventures to play, more challenges to deal with, and a greater level of complexity to the entire storyline.  We’ll add more environments, story elements, and characters to make the rich world come alive even more.  We will even be able to bring Wasteland 2 to OS X for Mac lovers.”

And after $1.5 million, which it’ll surely reach if it keeps going? “The sky is the limit.”