Ryse coming along “really well” — Crytek

Crytek’s Ryse, a 360-exclusive, Kinect-required title, is coming along “really well”, the developer insists.

Speaking to CVG, Crytek’s GM of games Nick Button-Brown explained that the game was hitting development milestones and would be ready to show off “at some stage”.

“Yeah, absolutely [it’s alive],” Button-Brown said. “It’s doing really well and we’re really, really happy with where it’s going.

“It’s our annual thing; we show a trailer for Ryse at E3,” he joked. “It’s going really, really well. The team actually delivered a milestone yesterday, which was quite nice. It’s kind of good to see that.

“We’re really happy with it and at some stage will be showing and giving more information about it. Unfortunately we’re kind of constrained by our publisher.”

Rumors about Ryse jumping over to the next Xbox have been popping up, but Button-Brown’s confidence seems to suggest otherwise. And he may joke about it, but good money is on this one’s next appearance being at E3.