Sony speaks on new security methods

It’s been around a year now since the PlayStation Network was taken offline for an entire month as the result of a serious hacking scandal. It was a challenging time for Sony and one would expect for the company to have learned many a lesson from the incident.

Judging by the comments recently made by Sony’s chief security officer Brett Wahlin, hacking prevention is now a top priority for the company. Wahlin recently told SC Magazine (via): “The types of attacks we see are by groups with social agendas. The methods they use aren’t the same as the state-sponsored guys. At Sony, we are modifying our programs to deal less with state-sponsored [attacks] and more with socially-motivated hackers.”

Part of these improvements include watching over Sony’s staff worldwide and tracking behaviour using “social engineering psychology with data analytics,” to see if any staff have been potentially targeted by hackers.

“We are looking to see if there are there key elements within a person’s interaction with their environment. That could be interaction with badging systems, with telephones — when and who do they call — and with systems like browser habits and applications used,” Wahlin added. “All these things allow us to set up a pattern for users, so when something different happens we can respond.

“If we detect unusual activity, it may be that someone’s been owned by a Trojan that we don’t know about, and we can stop data flying out the door.”

We’d sure like to avoid another PlayStation Network outage whenever possible. It would seem that the industry has gotten over the hacking woes that plagued it last year, and hopefully for good.